Things To Know Before Starting Your House Painting Project

Painting your rooms, furniture, doors and windows is an amazing way to renovate your home. Before starting your new home painting project, consider these quick tips:

Check the Weather Forecast

It’s best to paint when the air is as dry as possible, so skip painting on rainy and humid days. Wait for humidity to be between 40% and 70%. Don’t paint the exterior parts if it’s raining outside. Open windows when you’re painting inside, and allow the paint to completely dry before adding another coat.

Know your Square Footage

You can agitate the budget if you don’t plan accurately for your project. Make sure to have brought enough paints, as running out of paints mid-project just adds time and expenses.

Maintain a Wet Edge

If you paint in an area which has already started to dry, you’ll end up with lap marks lining your walls. To avoid this, each new stoke should overlap the previous one. Paint up and down, covering the full height of the wall.

Plan for Drying Time

Leave the room without furniture and other items for at least 24 hours to dry.

Prep the Surface Thoroughly

If your surfaces are not carefully prepped before you put roller to wall, it won’t matter how carefully you paint, and it won’t matter if you spend extras money on high quality paint. Your hard work and money will not stick, and you will soon enough see cracking and peeling if your surfaces aren’t adequately prepared.

To avoid this, sand and scrape any areas that are peeling, cracking, or flaking. Wash greasy spots with soap, and wipe your walls with a dust free cloth. You should thoroughly prep each surface so that your paint can last for longer period of time.

Remove the Tape in the Correct Way

After the paint job is done, don’t remove the tape too early or without the proper tool, as this will pull dried paint off with it.

Instead, wait for at least 24 hours before removing the tape. Then use a sharp utility knife to slice through the film. Pull up the tape at a 45-degree angle as you cut the paint.

Take Your Time

If you’re not one for careful, thorough work, painting may not be the job for you. You can’t rush a paint job without negative consequences. Take your time in prep work, and take your time in application for a beautiful finish you’ll love for many years. Call us at (773) 842-0975,  If you want the paint job done by experienced professionals.

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