Our history

Our experience in the Painting and Home Improvement business started with my father who owned his own business for over 45 years . He taught me and my 2 older brothers the skills we needed. He then moved the business to Lake Carroll ,Il , Were one of my brothers owns that business now . The other brother works in the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva as Lead Decorator. I stayed in Chicago were I learned the manufacturing end of the business by working for Valspar Corp in Wheeling, Il. for 4 years.

I started the business in 1993 with a beater truck and a wife with child. 15 years later I have a great base of Clients ranging from New Construction to Residential, Redecorating of Older Buildings to Commercial Buildings and Industrial Structures. I have 3 great full time employees that have been with me for over 10 years and 5 seasonal employees that have been with us for about 5 years. we do not sub out work !

Our company has also gone out of state to complete work for the likes of the Hardrock Cafe'”Miami”, 3 Longhorn Restaurants “Miami and Orlando” and we have done work at the Hardrock Cafe on Onterior and the Rock Bottom Restaurant/Brewery on State St.

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